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Take the Automation Obstacle Course Challenge

Can you do it?

Some months ago Tricentis launched the Automation Obstacle Course, a collection of common automation problems.

As a software testing tool company, we are constantly working with our customers to automate their applications. Whenever we face a new and interesting problem, our consultants feverishly work out a solution. Over the years, many of these solutions have found their way directly into Tricentis Tosca so that other customers can benefit from our experience and use out-of-the-box functionality to automate their applications.

To create the Automation Obstacle Course, we looked back at all of the problems we have faced over time. As it turns out, these problems do occur over and over again. Different customers, different technologies, different applications – but the same automation problems. Also, these automation problems seem to be tool independent. No matter which automation tool one uses, the automation challenges are the same.

So we wound up taking these problems, abstracting them, stripping out all customer- or application-specifics, and turning them into stand-alone automation problems. Then we strung together these little problems and voilà! We have an obstacle course that is both fun and instructive at the same time. Playing the Automation Obstacle Course will make you a Tricentis Tosca expert before you realize you are actually attending a training.

The First Ever Official Obstacle Course Challenge

We never stopped extending and tweaking the obstacle course. Over the past few months we have added many new obstacles and started to use it as a part of our internal and external trainings. It has become an important piece of the training puzzle.

Now we’ve come to a point where we have enough obstacles to challenge each and every one of our Tosca users – automation expert to beginner… it doesn’t matter. It will be fun for everybody.

The first ever official obstacle course challenge is a collection of 5 easy to hard automation problems. Complete all of them successfully (no cheating!) between May 18th to May 31st and get a chance to win a prize.

Take the challenge here!


Terms and Conditions: 

  • No Tricentis employees
  • No manual solutions allowed
  • Users must be logged in
  • The winner will be drawn from all those that successfully completed the challenge
  • Challenge runs May 18th to May 31st