Mercedes-Benz Otomotiv

Mercedes-Benz Otomotiv accelerates testing for SAP S/4HANA and NetWeaver apps

Company overview

At Mercedes-Benz, more (and more advanced) applications are continuously being developed, integrated, and evolved in response to the company’s—and its customers’—dynamic needs. Ensuring that all these applications satisfy Mercedes-Benz’s extremely high standards requires additional testing. The company’s testing experts at Daimler Global IT Solutions Delivery Center (SDC) Turkey recognized that adopting industry-leading test automation was the best way to complete the required amount of testing with the speed, precision, and rigor that their business expects. And they turned to Tricentis to drive the company’s test automation initiatives.

The usage of test automation from Tricentis in several SAP projects at Mercedes brings benefits in testing speed, testing frequency, and testing costs. The result: they maintain exceptional application quality with the increasing pace of innovation.

Here’s a glimpse at two recent UI test automation projects led by the testing experts at Daimler Global IT Solutions Delivery Center Turkey. These projects focused on applications built on SAP S/4HANA and SAP NetWeaver. Note that one of their SAP BW data integrity projects is profiled separately.

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    Industry: Manufacturing, Automotive
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    Organization size: 100,000+ employees
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    Location: Global
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SDC Turkey Test Automation for EVOBUS

Using Tricentis Tosca for test automation by SDC Turkey for the company’s bus manufacturer, the team was able to automate much of their testing with the desired degree of precision and repeatability. The SDC Test Automation Team rapidly mastered Tricentis’ model-based test automation, enabling them to create and update their own automation. Moreover, tests that are not suitable for test automation are performed with Tricentis’ exploratory testing automatically documenting results (complete with screenshots of each step). This adds a new layer of transparency while also enabling fast, accurate defect reproduction.

A certain set of tests previously required 3 days to complete. Now, those same tests are completed in 4 hours, fully automatically. The increased testing speed, as well as their freedom from contractors, has enabled them to increase regression test frequency from 2 times a year to 12 times per year.

  • Arrow Icon“We are focused on ensuring top quality releases. With manual testing, it is not possible to test everything. It required the orchestration of a huge task force. But with automation, it is possible for us to execute all tests again and again to ensure we deliver the highest of quality to our customers.” — Halit Musluoğlu, Group Manager at Mercedes-Benz Otomotiv

SDC Turkey Test Automation for Daimler Truck Powertrain Quality Systems

This project adopted test automation to ensure that more and faster innovation would not result in production defects. Daimler Global IT Solutions Delivery Center Turkey transitioned manual testing efforts into a highly automated testing practice.

Using Tricentis Tosca for test automation by SDC Turkey, tests that previously took 1-2 working days are now completed automatically in just 2 hours. This has allowed them to increase regression test frequency from weekly to daily.