The Tricentis Continuous Testing Platform

Tricentis offers a fundamentally different way to tackle enterprise software testing. Our approach is totally automated, fully codeless, and intelligently driven by AI. With Tricentis, you can dramatically accelerate software delivery, reduce costs, and improve quality across both custom and enterprise apps.

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Full testing lifecycle

Supports all phases of testing

A common information model enables developers, testers, and business users to collaborate on a common set of test cases, plans, data, and artifacts for all phases of testing, from unit to performance.

Real-time analytics

Unifies analytics and insights

Get comprehensive visibility and insights of all your testing activities in one place with our reporting and data warehouse integrations.

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Traces production deployments back to requirements

Trace production deployments all the way back to business and functional requirements with our best-in-class Jira and DevOps ecosystem integrations.


Applies ML for smarter, faster testing

Advanced ML technologies such as Vision AI, Self-healing AI and Risk AI enable teams to test smarter, faster, and reduce the business risk of application changes.

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Open platform


Integrates Continuous Testing with your CI/CD toolchain

The Tricentis platform supports and orchestrates a broad range of open-source and commercial technologies.

Capabilities to address every aspect of testing

The Tricentis platform enables Continuous Testing across your digital enterprise, including packaged, cloud, and custom apps.

Tricentis Tosca

Intelligent test automation

Codeless test automation powered by Vision AI optimizes and accelerates end-to-end testing of your entire enterprise application landscape across on-prem, cloud, hybrid, and mobile.

Tricentis qTest

Unified test management

Scalable, in-sprint agile test management for automated testing, exploratory testing, and BDD

Tricentis LiveCompare

Smart impact analysis

Smart impact analysis powered by Risk AI ensures you always know exactly what to test to de-risk SAP changes

Tricentis NeoLoad

Performance testing

Performance testing for enterprise applications

Tricentis Data Integrity

Data integrity testing

Automated end-to-end data integrity testing that works across your data landscape to prevent costly data migration, integration, and reporting issues

Tricentis Analytics

Analytics and reporting

Unified testing data and insights available in real-time on your favorite analytics and data warehouse platforms

Tricentis Test Automation for ServiceNow

App-native test automation

Automated testing for ServiceNow applications and workflows built natively on the Now Platform

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