Tricentis qTest

Agile Test Management for the Enterprise

When you embed testing throughout your software delivery pipeline, your teams can both eliminate QA bottlenecks and improve the quality of your releases. 

Tricentis qTest offers a suite of Agile testing tools designed to improve efficiency and ensure collaboration on your journey to release the best software.

Tricentis qTest - Agile Dev Testing

Create Better Software, Faster

For high-speed releases, optimize and orchestrate end-to-end quality across teams, projects, and applications.


Scale Test Automation

qTest centralizes test automation management and integrates with any open-source or proprietary test automation tool.

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Enhance Collaboration

qTest simplifies developer-tester alignment with a real-time Jira integration at both the requirements and defects levels.


Increase Speed to Market

qTest enables agile teams to approach QA strategically, test early and often, and get to market faster.


Migrate from Quality Center

Leave legacy behind for an enterprise-grade test management solution that seamlessly integrated with Agile and DevOps tools.

qTest Manager

Powerful and Easy-to-Use Test Case Management

  • Deploy qTest Manager in the cloud or on-premise
  • Plan and organize testing activities based on project schedules
  • Get your team up-and-running quickly with our intuitive interface and helpful customer success team

The Industry Leader in Seamless Jira Integration

In a world where Agility rules, Jira has thrived as the industry’s preferred Agile development tool. As this trend continues, test management teams often find themselves out of sync with development efforts.

To keep up, your enterprise testing team needs a robust and real-time integration. Tricentis qTest offers the #1 Jira integration— a seamless experience that enhances your teams’ collaboration and boosts productivity.

  • Connect open-source automation to your Jira issues
  • View and manage qTest test execution data right there, on your Jira issue
  • Create meaningful reports with your Jira data that everybody wants to read

qTest Insights

Actionable, Real-Time Test Metrics and Analytics

  • Arrange and display charts and graphs exactly the way you want. Tabs let you create multiple dashboards for different projects or teams.
  • Hover over charts to view specific data points. Zoom in and dynamically adjust the charts. Click on a chart to view and download the data.
  • Visualize your data with interactive heat maps that help quickly identify where the issues are in the application. Then drill down to get more details.
Not Using Jira for Your Agile Planning?

Not a problem. We still have a solution for you. qTest integrates with an array of industry-leading tools.

Micro Focus Quality Center Slowing You Down?

Upgrade to test management built for agile.

qTest Launch

Centrally Manage Open Source Frameworks & Commercial Test Automation Tools

  • Scale test automation to an enterprise-level
  • Manage multiple test machines from a single location
  • Schedule automation sequences across your network

qTest Explorer

Test Execution Recorder & Documentation Tool

  • Intelligent capture technology tracks all interactions from the testing session and automatically creates defect documentation.
  • Easily manage and edit the defect documentation.
  • Quickly add annotations and other information. Instantly submit detailed defect documentation to Jira so you can share with team members.
  • Perfect for exploratory and session based testing.

qTest Scenario

Jira Software App for Enterprise BDD

  • Gherkin editor for feature and scenario development
  • Out-of-the box integration to Cucumber via Maven for automated test results
  • Connect your features and scenarios with source code repositories

qTest Pulse

Workflow Engine for Agile & DevOps Processes

  • Drag and drop rules to orchestrate common events across tools like Jira, Jenkins and GitHub via webhooks
  • Use pre-set rules or code your own to trigger data and communication updates across a wide range of tools
  • Enforce best practices by designing workflows to require certain events before progressing to the next delivery stage

Continuous Testing Built for DevOps

Whether you’re aiming for a DevOps transformation, or are already DevOps mature, testing is vital to your teams’ success. However, not every testing tool is built to handle DevOps processes. With a vast array of tooling, your teams need a testing tool that ensures both high quality and consistent collaboration.

qTest offers just this. Whether you use our native integrations with Agile planning tools like Jira or our customizable workflow engine, qTest keeps DevOps teams and tools working harmoniously.

Seamless Integration with Agile & DevOps Tools

qTest integrates with best-in-class agile planning, test automation, and CI/CD tools, enabling seamless collaboration across the entire software delivery pipeline