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Tricentis Data Integrity

Data integrity testing

To win in the digital economy, your data must be decision grade and of the highest quality to power your critical operations. Tricentis Data Integrity helps ensure that your data arrives intact and fit for purpose as it travels between your source systems and data warehouse to your reports, dashboards, and business processes.

Move faster with data integrity testing 

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Catch more data errors upfront

Your analytical and operational data can break at any time as it journeys across your increasingly complex IT landscape. Catch data errors before they become costly downstream issues with Tricentis Data Integrity — a data testing solution that’s end-to-end, automated, and continuous.

Tricentis Data Integrity data warehouse ecosystem visualization

It’s time to think differently about how you deliver trustworthy data

In today’s dynamic digital environments, traditional data testing methods are not enough. Manual “stare and compare” data checks are painfully slow and can’t scale and point data testing solutions leave dangerous gaps. Tricentis Data Integrity brings the discipline of end-to-end, automated, and continuous testing to the world of data — enabling you to drive higher data quality and better business outcomes at scale.

Man resolving data errors

The only true end-to-end data testing solution

Whether your data is headed to a report, dashboard, or visualization, a step in a business process, or a repository for machine learning — it must arrive intact and fit for purpose. Tricentis Data Integrity is the only data quality solution that enables you to test your data throughout its journey. From ingestion, through your data warehouse, to your analytics and operational applications, use smart automation technology to catch errors at the data, API, and UI layer.


Drive better business outcomes through data you can trust

Scale-up test coverage and provide data that both the business and regulators trust — dramatically reducing risk and costs and delivering better experiences for your customers, partners, and other stakeholders.


Get all the features you need to ensure data integrity

True end-to-end data testing

Test your entire data journey from ingesting data from any source through your data warehouse to your BI tools and business processes, including at the data, API, and UI layers.

Test at the data, API, and UI layers across the entire data journey

Tailored data tests

Catch more errors from data ingestion to finished report or business process step with tests tailored for each stage in your data’s journey.

Run tests tailored to each step of your data journeys

Model-based test automation

Quickly create and maintain tests at scale and keep pace with new demands and a constantly changing technical landscape using a unique model-based approach to test automation.

Tricentis Tosca Vision AI graphic

Risk-based prioritization

Focus your testing efforts on high-risk areas, determine thresholds for test coverage throughout your data’s journey and use visual reports to see at a glance if you’re meeting your goals.


Actionable data quality reports

Quickly pinpoint the root cause of data errors and share reports so your teams can take swift remedial action to improve data quality.


Business-friendly automation

Enable your business, QA, and data teams to collaborate and build meaningful tests that catch more errors with a no-code, low-code solution that doesn’t require expert SQL skills.


DataOps/DevOps integration

Release faster while maintaining data quality. Tricentis Data Integrity seamlessly integrates with your existing practices and toolsets and provides an audit trail for your data tests.

Use cases

One solution for all your data scenarios

  • Deliver decision-grade data for your analytics, BI, and AI/ML initiatives
  • Deliver high-quality data to your internal compliance teams and regulators
  • Deliver high-quality operational data for your business processes
  • Maintain data integrity as you modernize your data infrastructure
  • Maintain data integrity as you migrate data and consolidate systems
Supported technologies

Support for all data technologies

Test both structured and unstructured data from any source, including commercial, homegrown, legacy, and modern cloud-based technologies. Our vendor-agnostic data integrity solution supports industry-standard protocols and multiple file formats, enabling you to test entire data journeys across your IT landscape.

Trusted by the world’s leading enterprises

“Our MI (Management Information) systems are the basis for critical executive decisions. From calculating payments, to evaluating discounts, to assessing the impact of regional developments, the company’s ability to reduce risk and drive new business hinges upon the accuracy of the data underlying our highly data-driven processes.

The ability to automatically expose data impacts — as soon as they enter our systems — is vital to maintaining our competitive advantage, as well as our regulatory compliance.“

Stephen Fishwick
Director, Head of DWI MI and Archiving, Enterprise and Data Solutions at RBS

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