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Data integrity testing

Data errors are a constant threat to the operations and analytics that drive your enterprise. Tricentis Data Integrity protects you from these errors by ensuring your data remains accurate as it moves through your ever-evolving data landscape.

Take the risk out of data migration

The data driving your enterprise is the product of continuous ingestions from disparate data sources, followed by countless integrations, transformations, and migrations. A slight discrepancy at any step typically remains unnoticed until it impacts the business. By that point, the error is extremely difficult to diagnose and fix.

Man working with Tricentis Data Integrity test data reporting

Small errors have huge impacts

Gartner research reports data quality issues cost businesses an average of $15 million per year in losses. As information ecosystems grow in complexity, the potential for data errors — and the subsequent damage these errors cause — likewise grow in severity.

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Tricentis Data Integrity automates end-to-end data testing

Traditional methods for testing data, such as manual “stare and compare” spot checks and vendor-specific testing tools, are too limited to adequately protect modern enterprises from data errors. Tricentis Data Integrity provides a powerful new approach that catches data errors before they do any damage. It replaces time-consuming manual effort with fast test automation and limited coverage, with full end-to-end testing across your entire ecosystem. All in a single, easy-to-learn solution that is quick to scale.


Reduce the risks and costs of data errors

Tricentis Data Integrity significantly accelerates and expands your data testing capabilities, greatly reducing risks to your business while dramatically cutting the costs associated with diagnosing and fixing data errors. Of course, our customers tell the story best. Here are actual benefits reported by Data Integrity customers:


Get all the features you need to ensure data integrity

End-to-end data testing

Tests everything from the moment data enters your system through all the integrations, transformations, and migrations that follow, even verifying the logic and presentation of information in analytics, reports, and dashboards.

Tricentis Data Integrity feature - end-to-end data testing

Support for any technology

Sits on top of any data landscape, covering structured, unstructured, and message data from any source or technology as well as reports in any analytics tool via UI, API, and PDF.

Tricentis Data Integrity feature - technology support

Business-friendly automation

Enable business analysts, data stewards, data engineers, etc. to automate testing, replacing spotty “state and compare” checking as well as complex, unscalable SQL scripting.

Tricentis Data Integrity feature - business user friendly

CI/CD integration

Integrates into CI/CD pipelines to ensure frequent application changes don’t inadvertently alter ETL processes and compromise data quality.

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Risk-based prioritization

Guides teams to focus testing resources on top business risks; reveals whether application changes that impact data are sufficiently tested and fit for release.

Data integrity wizards and templates

Includes wizards and templates that make it easy to cover all dimensions of data integrity testing, including pre-screening tests, reconciliation tests, vital checks, profiling tests, and BI report tests.

Tricentis Data Integrity feature - wizards and templates
Use cases

One solution for all your data scenarios

  • Reduce the time and cost required to ensure data quality
  • Validate data migrations to cloud platforms such as Snowflake
  • Scale data verification efforts to cover massive amounts of data
  • Unify data quality efforts scattered across siloed testing tools
  • Monitor data for fraud and regulatory compliance issues
  • Ensure that application updates don’t negatively impact data
  • Verify the lineage and accuracy of data in analytics, reports, and dashboards
Supported technologies

Support for all data technologies

Data Integrity is totally technology agnostic, meaning it works with practically any technology in your data landscape, including the ones shown below.

Trusted by the world’s leading enterprises

“Our MI (Management Information) systems are the basis for critical executive decisions. From calculating payments, to evaluating discounts, to assessing the impact of regional developments, the company’s ability to reduce risk and drive new business hinges upon the accuracy of the data underlying our highly data-driven processes.

The ability to automatically expose data impacts — as soon as they enter our systems — is vital to maintaining our competitive advantage, as well as our regulatory compliance.“

Stephen Fishwick
Director, Head of DWI MI and Archiving, Enterprise and Data Solutions at RBS

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