SAP End-to-end Testing

End-to-End Testing Beyond the Boundaries of SAP

Reducing the risks associated with modern enterprises applications requires advanced test automation for the complete end-to-end business process, which may span multiple application components, SAP modules, and departments. That’s why this year’s Gartner Critical Capabilities for Software Test Automation report places an emphasis on addressing “a wide range of testing use cases across the enterprise.” In fact, the 2018 report replaces the narrower “Packaged Applications” use case from the previous report with a new, more extensive “Enterprise End-to-End Testing” use case—recognizing the increasing scope and complexity of enterprise testing

Complete Business Process Test Automation

Tricentis automates the testing of business processes that may include mobile UIs, web services, ESBs, APIs, web UIs, mainframes, other packaged apps (Salesforce, ServiceNow, Oracle EBS, Siebel, etc.) in addition to SAP technologies. A single test definition can be used across technologies and test types (API, UI, load testing…), dramatically reducing the learning curve and time required for complete test automation.

Moreover, you can apply, capture, transfer, and update test data as your tests pass through all of these technologies. Test data is stored to enable easy review for historical comparisons or compliance documentation.