Load Testing for SAP Fiori

Modern SAP applications, powered by S/4HANA and Fiori 2.0, involve many highly-distributed components—and a performance issue in any of them could have a ripple effect across the entire application.

Tricentis allows anyone involved in the quality process to start load and performance testing from their desktop. The same business-readable test case definitions used for functional testing can be used for load and performance testing.

Load-Test Definitions within Tosca

All load test parameters (e.g., ramp up, number of users, overall load) are defined natively in Tricentis Tosca, without going to a third-party tool. Tricentis then distributes the specified load across servers in the cloud, enabling testers to focus on reviewing results and identifying performance issues as efficiently as possible.

Additionally, you can use Tricentis technologies to enhance and optimize your API tests. Risk-based testing helps you focus on the tests that matter most, and test data management lets you rapidly populate these tests with the exact data you need to achieve maximum risk coverage.