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SAP test automation

Are traditional SAP testing methods holding you back? If you’re behind on updates, planning a move to S/4HANA or the cloud, or need hypercare after upgrades, it’s time for a change. Tricentis provides modern, AI-driven test automation that boosts rather than drags SAP innovation.

Traditional SAP testing doesn’t work


What to test?

Does it work?

Does it scale?

Answering these deceptively simple questions is a painstaking, if not impossible, task for most SAP customers. Many testing groups simply lack:

  • The SAP expertise to know what needs to be tested, ending up testing too much or too little.
  • The time and resources to ensure critical end-to-end business processes will actually work in production.
  • The performance tools to load test modern SAP applications.

This makes traditional SAP testing a slow, expensive process that often fails to sufficiently reduce risk. Given that making even the smallest SAP change can cause business disruption and downtime, it’s time for a new approach to SAP testing.

AI-driven SAP test automation from Tricentis

SAP test automation from Tricentis answers the three critical testing questions for you, creating a process of continuous testing that drives faster, safer, lower cost SAP releases.

You can use the Tricentis solution with SAP Solution Manager or SAP Cloud ALM as part of your overall SAP ALM solution. It also works great as a standalone testing solution.

Continuous testing in 3 easy steps

Know what to test

Tricentis LiveCompare analyzes your SAP systems and how they are used in production to become the go-to expert on your SAP landscape. Through AI-powered change impact analysis, it can pinpoint the risks in any change to your SAP system, identifying exactly what to test.

Know it will work

Tricentis Tosca automates end-to-end regression testing across SAP and non-SAP systems. Once LiveCompare identifies what to test, it tells Tosca which tests to run to ensure a zero-defect release. This makes your testing 10x faster while confirming your business processes will work after the changes are deployed to production.

Know it will scale

Tricentis NeoLoad automates performance testing for all your SAP applications, whether they run on-premises or in the cloud. Performance testing is a necessary step in any SAP upgrade or S/4HANA migration. It tells you whether updated apps will scale or grind to a halt when too many people try to use them.

Test automation built for change

Unlike other automated testing solutions, Tricentis lets you automate SAP tests without having to wait for a stable SAP environment. Tricentis uses model-based test automation, which is built for use with rapidly changing software. So wherever you are on your SAP journey, you can start benefiting from automation now and take the benefits with you as you go.

Relieve business users from software testing duty

Because they are experts in SAP business processes, business users are often pressed into lengthy testing duty. This is not only disruptive, it makes release timing dependent on their availability. Our easy-to-use automation recorder solves this pain. When a new test needs to be created, a business user can quickly record the relevant business process and get right back to work. Tricentis automation does the rest. That test is now automated and can be run at any time, letting you speed up your release process without disruption to business.

LiveCompare, not hypercare

After an SAP project goes live, many companies need hypercare periods to fix problems that their traditional testing methods didn’t catch. This is not only expensive, it limits how fast you can innovate. We have a better alternative. LiveCompare reduces more than 90% of the risks in any change to your SAP systems, eliminating the need for hypercare.

A fully automated testing process can bring more than 50% or more efficiency gains in SAP testing processes.

— 2021 SAP Business Assurance Report

Why choose Tricentis for SAP test automation?

When it comes to SAP test automation, Tricentis is ranked #1 by analysts, customers, and SAP for a reason. Schedule a demo today to see for yourself why choosing Tricentis is the smart choice.




Tricentis Advantage

AI-Powered Impact Analysis



Answers “what to test”; No SAP Expertise needed; Reduces test scope

Test Automation Method

Model-Based Test Automation

VB Scripts

No programming required; Low maintenance; Built to handle sw changes

Test Automation Rates



Faster to scale; Easier for teams to adopt; High reusability

Test Data Management



Eliminates testing delays; enables continuous test automation (Agile speed)

Impact Analysis Support

All ABAP and Fiori, (HANA, S/4HANA)

ECC Only

Universal SAP support; 85%+ vs ~20% test reduction

Risk-Based Testing



Optimizes test cases; Alligns tests with business risk

Service Virtualization



Eliminates testing delays; Enables E2E test automation

Test Data Management



Eliminates testing delays; Enables continuous test automation (Agile speed)

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