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Innovate Faster with SAP Test Automation

Organizations upgrading their SAP systems to take advantage of security, feature, and process improvements quickly discover that their “old” approaches to testing can’t keep up. The Tricentis continuous testing platform is designed for the demands of the modern digital enterprise, providing AI-powered SAP test automation that boosts, rather than drags, innovation.


The #1 SAP Test Automation Platform

Tricentis has changed the game with a new approach to automated SAP testing. By leveraging the power of AI to boost the benefits of test automation, we can help you break through the barriers holding back your digital innovation. Explore our industry-leading SAP automation tools for business process testing and data quality validation, and then schedule a demo to see them in action.

Jumpstart Test Automation

Business process experts can rapidly create and manage sophisticated end-to-end test automation—without waiting on “technical” resources.

Align Tests with Business Risks

Understand exactly what tests and data are needed to cover risk; shift focus from tests’ pass/fail status to “Is the level of business risk acceptable?”

Simplify End-to-End Testing

Use a single solution to test across SAP, APIs, web, GUIs, mobile, mainframe, and more—with service virtualization and TDM to stabilize test automation.

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Change Impact Analysis

100% Risk Coverage for 15% of the Effort

LiveCompare uses the power of AI to identify the exact objects you need to test to achieve 100% risk coverage for any update to your SAP software. This reduces your test scope by 85%, setting you up for higher-quality releases using only 15% of your normal testing time. When integrated with Tricentis Tosca, it can even generate automated test plans for an update by listing the exact test cases you need to run (or create).

Tricentis LiveCompare - AI Impact Analysis for SAP

Ultimate Automation

Tricentis Tosca is a groundbreaking automation platform that can help you accelerate testing by 90% or more. Its model-based, no-code approach is simple enough for business users to master but powerful enough to test any SAP application or end-to-end business process, including APIs and 160+ technologies.

SAP Content Packs

SAP content packs help you quickly launch your automation efforts. They contain hundreds of pre-built, fully automated and ready to use test cases for a broad range of SAP transactions. Because they run in Tricentis Tosca, they are low-maintenance and easy to update when you move to new SAP versions. Content packs are available for SAP ECC, SAP S/4HANA, SAP SuccessFactors, SAP IS-Utilities, SAP IS-Retail, and more.


State-of-the Art Analytics

Built to handle the huge volumes of data from SAP test automation, Tricentis Analytics brings together test results from across your continuous testing platform, including manual, automated, API, and performance testing. Track release readiness, risk reduction, time to resolution, and more.

Tricentis Analytics - Continuous Analytics Testing

SAP Integrations

Tricentis Tosca was the first in the industry to feature SAP-certified integration with SAP Solution Manager, providing customers with risk-based and change-based testing for SAP software.

SAP Fiori and Legacy UI Testing

Tricentis offers the most comprehensive test automation solution for multiple generations of SAP UIs, from SAP WinGUi to SAP Fiori 2.0 and beyond.

Data & Decision Integrity

Ensure the data moving through your SAP systems is driving accurate decision making. Our source-agnostic solution automatically validates every import, aggregation, and transformation from your source databases all the way through to your BI reports and executive dashboards.

More Industry-Leading SAP Automation Capabilities


API Testing for SAP

Record tests for SAP APIs then integrate them into E2E test scenarios.



Stateful test data on-demand (synthetic + masked production)


Load Testing for SAP Fiori

Run load tests specifically tuned for Fiori


Service Virtualization for SAP

Stabilize access to dependent systems for continuous testing


Test Recording

Business-readable scriptless test cases captured in real time


Worksoft Test Migration

Automate migration to more stable, reusable tests


Technology Support

Comprehensive coverage makes a difference


End-to-End Testing Beyond SAP

Test business processes across connected applications + APIs

Gartner Magic Quadrant SAP Tool Comparison

Gartner recognizes Tricentis as a leader in software test automation. Find out why by reading the report for yourself, compliments of Tricentis.

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