Why automated testing is the fastest and safest path to digital transformation


Tricentis Staff

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Companies are moving to the cloud faster than ever. Sometimes it’s an entirely new implementation that starts from nothing, or a brownfield conversion in which existing on-premise applications are still kept. Or perhaps it’s a complete lift and shift, moving the entire legacy environment to the cloud environment.

No matter the path to the cloud, the goal is all the same: driving digital transformation to boost speed, agility, and innovation, while minimizing risks and costs. And many businesses are making substantial investments in their SAP systems to achieve it. But all too often, they do not have the level of automation needed to complete their projects with the speed and quality necessary to ensure a successful go-live in the cloud.

Scale testing more effectively with test automation

All IT projects and programs may require various levels of support, services, and tasks. However, to modernize themselves safely and swiftly with advanced technologies such as SAP S/4HANA and cloud solutions, SAP customers must assess their implementation setup – iteratively and incrementally.

Unfortunately, testing efforts for the average organization can be overly manual and siloed, further extending the project timeline, increasing the IT budget, and derailing the integration of end-to-end processes. This reality behind traditional methods makes testing stand out as one of the most significant barriers to innovation.

By partnering with SAP, Tricentis is helping SAP customers improve their project delivery timelines while taking advantage of testing’s untapped potential. As a result, they can innovate faster, deliver smoother releases, and achieve better business outcomes along every step of their journey to SAP S/4HANA and beyond.

Our integrated portfolio of testing tools supports cost-effective, simplified, and optimized software testing processes enabled by artificial intelligence, codeless automation, and risk-based test plans. These activities include change impact analysis, continuous testing across SAP and third-party landscapes, performance testing for your SAP and third-party applications, and automated data integrity testing.

Using our automated testing solutions, SAP customers can shift workloads and move to SAP S/4HANA in the cloud quickly and cost-effectively. Plus, they can integrate SAP and third-party applications and technologies, optimize performance to meet user expectations, and help ensure the accuracy of transactional and analytical data.

Clearing the way to rapid, competitive results with SAP and test automation

SAP customers are discovering that existing software testing methods aren’t fast or thorough enough to keep up with the accelerated pace of change. This puts their critical business processes at risk, jeopardizes the scalability and performance of their customer-facing applications, and opens the possibility for data errors compromising their analytics and operations. The strain on their existing software testing procedures will only intensify as business needs call for more innovative use of data and shifting workloads to the cloud.

That’s why the partnership between SAP and Tricentis is such an incredible opportunity for SAP customers. They are not only safely accelerating their digital initiatives with SAP application testing solutions, but they are also solving pressing challenges without the complexity of traditional testing inefficiencies.


Tricentis Staff