Tricentis Q4 2020 release wave introduces major updates to Tosca, qTest, LiveCompare, and Test Automation for ServiceNow


Clint Sprauve

Product Marketing Director

Date: Dec. 01, 2020

The Tricentis Q4 2020 release is full of exciting updates across the entire Tricentis portfolio, including the general availability of Tosca 14, qTest 10.2, LiveCompare 4.2, and Test Automation for ServiceNow 2.19. The release wave’s central themes are:

  • AI-powered test automation: We have introduced artificial intelligence into our portfolio, leveraging the power of data science, machine learning, and neural networks to significantly enhance model-based test automation for the enterprise.
  • Cross-portfolio integration & visibility: We have also greatly enhanced the integration and interoperability of Tricentis products across our portfolio. Most notably, our greatly enhanced qTest-Tosca integration enables unified test management and orchestration across enterprise application teams using Tosca and other teams who may be using a variety of open-source or commercial tools for test automation. With this integration, Tosca test automation can be managed and orchestrated right alongside your other test automation tools and frameworks within qTest Launch.

Tosca 14 adds AI-assisted test automation, enhancements for TBox Engines

During the Tricentis Virtual Summit, we announced the launch of Tosca 14, now powered by Vision AI, a next-generation AI-driven test automation technology that allows you to automate UI test cases based on a mockup, before any code is written. This technology enables you to test much earlier in the development lifecycle and makes your tests more resilient.

Additional Tosca 14 enhancements include:

  • Simplified SAP testing: We continue to simplify SAP testing with each release. Tosca 14 introduces improved support for SAP Fiori controls and SAP Solution Manager. These enhancements further our commitment to making SAP test automation the most resilient and efficient in the industry.
  • Mobile Testing OS Support Updates: Tricentis has improved mobile testing with support for iOS 14 and Android 11. Now, teams have broader test coverage for testing mobile applications on the latest operating systems for both major mobile platforms.

Tosca 14 also introduces significant improvements to the TBox framework engines. This includes enhancements to:

  • Salesforce engine: improved module rescanning
  • API engine: WS-Security with SOAP attachments (WS-Addressing) and support for OAuth 2.0 Grant type Authorization Code with PKCE authentication
  • DOTNET engine: Users can now test Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) applications. A classic to TBox migration tool will be provided to existing classic WPF customers to migrate smoothly to TBox. Please contact tech support for assistance.
  • Tosca events for Tricentis Analytics: Tosca now emits data for analysis and visualization in Tricentis Analytics

Tricentis qTest 10.2 introduces tighter integration with Tosca, new webhooks

Tricentis qTest 10.2 greatly improves the integration with Tricentis Tosca. Tosca’s Distributed Execution is now integrated with qTest Launch, allowing users to execute multiple test events simultaneously instead of sequentially.

Additional release highlights include:

  • qTest webhooks: The new qTest webhook functionality allows users to send real-time data from qTest Manager to other applications whenever a given event occurs. For example, a common use case with Slack: Whenever a Test Run is executed, you can immediately notify bug tracking systems when a defect is created in qTest and other DevOps workflows.
  • Show and hide Test Runs on the Test Execution tree panel
  • Auto-link requirements to test cases when importing from Excel

Check out the qTest 10.2 OnDemand release notes for more details.

LiveCompare 4.2 automatically detects and reports SAP security and configuration changes, extends Tosca integration

In this release, we’ve extended our impact analysis capabilities to automatically detect and report security and configuration changes to your SAP systems. This means interested users can now be notified automatically whenever changes are introduced that impact SAP security and configuration settings.

Previously, LiveCompare only reported security and configuration changes when you ran the Smart Impact Analysis app. Now, you don’t have to wait. You can configure LiveCompare to automatically detect, analyze, and report security and configuration changes as they are introduced – without having to manually run the Smart Impact Analysis app. This level of automation is critical as SAP customers accelerate their deployment schedules to keep up with the pace of SAP S/4HANA and cloud releases.

The speed and convenience provided through this automation offers the following benefits:

  • Earlier detection of security and configuration changes that impact your SAP systems
  • Ability to address security risks before they threaten your production systems
  • Easier administration of SAP roles and authorizations

We’ve also made it easy to view and execute Tosca test cases from within LiveCompare. Now, when you view a change in LiveCompare, you can also open and execute its related test cases without having to leave the app. This speed and convenience is especially beneficial for users wanting to test specific changes quickly and easily without needing to run an entire test plan.Other highlights in LiveCompare 4.2 include:

  • Automated security warnings: Our new security impact analysis feature proactively detects security-related changes to your SAP solutions and reports them to interested users
  • Automated configuration change detection: Our new configuration impact analysis feature proactively detects configuration-related changes to your SAP solutions and reports them to interested users
  • Improvements to the developer impact analysis feature introduced in LiveCompare 4.1
  • Users integrating LiveCompare with Tricentis Tosca can now view and execute Tosca test cases from within LiveCompare

Check out the LiveCompare 4.2 release notes for more details.

Tricentis Test Automation for ServiceNow 2.19 simplifies testing workflows

The newest solution in the Tricentis portfolio continues to make advancements in test automation for ServiceNow. Release highlights include:

  • Completely redesigned and expanded Case Creator: In addition to simplifying the workflow of the feature, we are adding additional coverage for scripted configuration types in ServiceNow and new types of tests that can be generated.
  • Server enhancements: This includes new metrics in the ServiceNow application to better manage servers and to improve error handling and updates.
  • Improved developer workflow: The Application, Recorder and mini components are getting additional features to make developing and organizing tests even easier. This includes enhancements to the developer experience, test organizational refinement and improvement in maintainability.

Tricentis Analytics Tech Preview: Cross-portfolio test analytics coming soon

Tricentis continues to innovate with the tech preview of Tricentis Analytics 2.0. We’ve rebuilt Tricentis Analytics with flexibility top-of-mind. Our optimized data model ingests your continuous testing data from all Tricentis products and allows you to filter, search, and share your historical and current testing data with leading BI solutions for analysis. This means you can now push all your continuous testing data across the Tricentis Platform into your chosen BI solution(s). In addition to this, you can leverage our advanced Analytics API, in combination with our Data Store, to:

  • Easily connect the Analytics API to self-service BI tools for instant reporting and visualization
  • Drive data from the Analytics API to your data store or data lake, so you have access to your data on demand
  • Operationalize your data in any manner that your BI solution allows
  • Aggregate other data sources together with test data for a unified reporting view

Analytics 2.0 also provides an Excel + BI Data Connector to access data easily in Excel. Furthermore, Tricentis Analytics will come with the 10 most common customizable charts across both Tosca and qTest data that can be used in Excel.

When the Analytics 2.0 Tech Preview is ready, it will automatically be made available to all qTest cloud customers and provided to our Tricentis Tosca and qTest customers on-premise via our support portal.


Clint Sprauve

Product Marketing Director

Date: Dec. 01, 2020