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Vision AI

Vision AI is a next-generation technology that “sees” like a human does, enabling it to easily automate testing for applications that were previously difficult or impossible to automate, such as those running on remote desktops. It can even create test automation based on design mockups before any code is written – letting you test much earlier in the development lifecycle.

Tricentis Tosca feature - Vision AI

Model-based test automation

Build codeless, resilient automated tests through a unique approach that separates the technical information of an application with the automation model – allowing you to boost automation rates to 90%+, reduce maintenance costs, and maximize efficiency.

Risk-based test optimization

Taking a risk-based approach to testing lets you reduce risk in your software releases while cutting the overall number of tests in your automation suite. This helps you prioritize testing for business-critical functionality, reduce overall test creation and maintenance costs, and make smarter “go/no-go” release decisions.

Service virtualization

Service virtualization solves the nightmare of trying to test responses from systems that are difficult to access/provision or that have not been built yet. This removes one of the major sources of testing delays, enabling automated tests to run at any time.

Test data management

Waiting for “good” test data is another nightmare that delays traditional software testing. With test data management, you can automatically create and provision on-demand (synthetic, masked, or imported) stateful data for even the most complex scenarios.

Distributed execution

Test faster and at scale by running multiple tests in parallel across distributed infrastructures and virtual machines.  

Tricentis Tosca feature - Distributed execution

API scan

Simplify API testing with a codeless solution that accelerates testing and improves test stability.

Tricentis Tosca feature - API scan

Automation recording assistant

Free business users from manual testing by giving them an easy way to record their day-to-day activities that can then be converted into automated test cases.  

Tricentis Tosca feature - Test recorder

Mobile testing

Rapidly create mobile tests and use them as building blocks for end-to-end test scenarios on native, hybrid apps, or mobile websites on iOS and Android devices.

mobile device selection for tests


An enhanced web-based reporting solution that helps teams get rapid, actionable insights into their testing progress so that they can release with more confidence.

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