Risk-Based Testing

Tricentis AI-driven risk-based testing aligns testing activities with business priorities. We highlight what to test first, help you design test cases for optimal risk coverage, and report the business impact of any test failures that occur. Rapidly reach 80% risk coverage with our proven risk-based approach. 


Understand the business impact of each test failure
Identify risk gaps that require immediate attention

Increase testing ROI

Focus testing resources on the tasks that matter most to the business.

Eliminate blind spots

Gain the insight you need to make smart go/no-go decisions and add trustworthy quality data to CI/CD pipelines.

Accelerate testing

Stop creating, maintaining, and running tests that don’t add value (customers reduce the size of their test suites by 67%, on average).

Discover Risk-Based Testing

Comprehensive Risk-Based Testing

Align testing with your business risks—from start to finish.

Risk targeting and correlation

After a simple risk assessment, see what to test first and track how specific tests contribute to risk coverage.

Risk-based test case design

Use our proven Linear Expansion test case methodology to cover top risks with the most efficient set of test cases.

Risk coverage optimization

Take a bloated legacy test suite and make it lean. Identify and eliminate redundant tests that you don’t need to execute or maintain.

Risk-based reporting

Get continuous insight into your current risk coverage and whether your release candidate’s risk level is acceptable for release.