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Tricentis Tosca

De-risk your releases and improve quality

Defects in your releases can disrupt existing business processes and damage your brand and customer trust overnight. But traditional testing approaches lack the ability to truly measure business risk, focusing instead on the overall number of test cases run. Tosca’s risk-based test optimization solves this problem, yielding the highest possible risk coverage with minimal effort.

Why risk-based test optimization?

Test case portfolios typically suffer from the same problem — a large volume of tests but very little coverage of the application. Teams end up producing duplicate test cases and performing even more maintenance to cover the ever-growing suite of tests. This is an impractical and cost-intensive process.

With Tosca’s risk-based test optimization, you can cut the tests you simply don’t need by 40% and increase the risk coverage of your application by 90%+.

With risk-based reporting, you can also quickly see which business-critical functionality has passed or failed, allowing you to make faster, more informed business decisions on your releases.



Increase risk coverage to 90%+

Capture more defects and anomalies early, before they reach your customers.


Gain confidence in releases

Gain the insight you need to make smart go/no-go decisions, and add trustworthy quality metrics to CI/CD pipelines.


Increase testing ROI

Focus software testing resources on the tasks that matter most to the business.


Accelerate testing

Stop creating, maintaining, and running tests that don’t add value.


Tosca combines smart test case design and requirements prioritization to help you boost release readiness, align testing activities with business priorities, and deliver quality at speed.

Prioritization by business risk

Assign features, user stories, or requirements with high to low priority based on business decisions. This easy, lightweight method helps you identify the highest risk areas of your application, enabling you to detect bugs within your critical requirements much earlier.

Tricentis Tosca risk-based test optimization GUI

Risk-based reporting on release readiness

Get continuous insight into your current risk coverage and know whether your release candidate’s risk level is acceptable for release.

Tosca GUI showing risk-based reporting results on release readiness

Auto-generate tests through smart design

Quickly turn one test case into dozens with smart algorithms that automatically generate variations for your tests. Tosca uses linear expansion as a proven combinatorial methodology to instantly generate the optimal set of test cases.

Centralized test scenario maintenance

Organize test scenarios into a logical structure and specify test cases wisely (e.g., StraightThrough, Valid, Invalid, etc.). This allows you to build the tests that matter first while also reducing redundancies in your test case portfolio.

Tosca GUI for automated test scenario maintenance

Learn how you can optimize risk coverage with Tosca