Test Salesforce end-to-end

End-to-end testing for Salesforce business processes

Testers (and many test automation tools) often have a hard time testing end-to-end Salesforce business processes across diverse APIs, applications and technologies. This not only slows down your testing, it increases the risks of business disruption. The Tricentis continuous testing platform solves the challenges of enterprise end-to-end testing. With Tricentis, you can accelerate Salesforce releases and keep your business running as you go.

Achieve end-to-end continuous testing for Salesforce

Your end-to-end business processes connect Salesforce to other custom and 3rd-party applications, creating a chain of software linking critical business data and operations across your enterprise. End-to-end testing ensures your business continues to run smoothly whenever any link in this software chain is updated.

With support for over 160 enterprise applications and technologies, Tricentis powers complete end-to-end automated testing for your business processes.

Align Salesforce testing with business priorities
Reduce Salesforce integration risks
Simulate unavailable systems
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Always have the right test data

Business processes run on data, making test data a priority for business process testing. However, getting the right data to test an end-to-end business process is an ongoing problem for testers, who can wait weeks for test data to be created. Tricentis solves this challenge with a Test Data Management solution that ensures the right test data is always available for automated testing.


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