Salesforce test automation

Bring quality 360 to Salesforce Customer 360 with Salesforce test automation

Want the best results from Salesforce’s Customer 360 platform? Adopt a Quality 360 approach to testing. Our continuous testing solution for Salesforce automates and optimizes testing across your Salesforce Customer 360 platform, including Visualforce customizations, MuleSoft integrations and AppExchange extensions, enabling you to get the most value out of your Salesforce solutions while spending the least amount of time and resources.

Solve Salesforce Customer 360 testing challenges

Salesforce’s Customer 360 platform spans multiple cloud solutions (Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, IT Cloud, and more), a curated AppExchange with thousands of 3rd-party apps and extensions, and APIs that offer limitless customization possibilities. While the goal of Customer 360 is to help you create closer connections with your customers, the reality is that a Quality 360 approach is needed to make sure all of these moving parts work as intended. Enterprises are discovering that manual testing is just too costly and time-consuming to work at the scale and speed the Salesforce ecosystem demands. But not all automated testing solutions are up to the task, either.

Test creation

Save 100s of hours of Salesforce test case creation

In just 60 seconds, our Salesforce Scan feature creates an automation model of your entire Salesforce org, saving hundreds of hours of test creation and maintenance work. Here’s a portion of the Opportunity screen model along with the Opportunity screen itself. You can see how Tricentis automatically captures all of the fields, buttons, and other elements on the screen and organizes them intuitively for use in test cases.

Test creation in Salesforce

Codeless test automation for Salesforce

Relieve business users from manual Salesforce testing

Because they are experts in Salesforce business processes, business users are often pressed into Salesforce testing duty. This is not only disruptive to business, but it also makes release timing dependent on their availability. Our codeless, business-friendly platform makes Salesforce test automation accessible to business users, enabling rapid scaling of automation that relieves the burden of manual testing.

Salesforce test automation utilizing Tosca - screen


Validate your data as it moves through Salesforce

One of the biggest challenges for Salesforce customers is guaranteeing the integrity of the data—and ensuring that any data errors are detected as early as possible. Whether you are using Tableau, Snowflake, or any other data warehousing or visualization tools, Tricentis automates data testing to validate data integrity faster, more rigorously, and more reliably than manual ETL testing and report verification.

Watch the demo below to see how Tricentis Data Integrity works in a real-world scenario: moving Salesforce contact data through Snowflake migration and transformation and into Tableau reporting.

Explore Tricentis continuous testing solutions

As the world’s #1 continuous testing platform, we have the right solutions for all your Salesforce testing needs.

Agile test management with seamless JIRA integrations

Agile test management with seamless JIRA integrations.

Codeless automation for continuous testing

Codeless automation for continuous testing.

Load testing for your custom Salesforce application

Load testing for your custom Salesforce application

Enterprise analytics and reporting

Enterprise analytics and reporting.

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