Tosca SAP Challenge

Starts on: 4th September, 2017
Ends on: 13th September, 2017

Welcome to the Tosca SAP Challenge. This is the fourth part of the Tosca Tournament which ends with the start of Accelerate 2017. This time, your goal will be to design and automate tests for a standard business process in SAP.



  • Aug 7th: Registration begins
  • Sep 4th: Start of challenge
  • Sep 13th: Deadline for submissions
  • Sep 22th: Announcement of winners

What we Provide

Not only will we be providing you with an SAP web access, but a recording of one of our Tricentis senior test architects will be available to help guide you through the challenge. Furthermore, we will be sharing best practices so that you can start tackling more complicated business scenarios in the future.


  • 1st prize: Flights and Hotel as well as a conference pass to our annual user conference, Accelerate 2017
  • 2nd-5th prizes: Nintendo Switch, Canon PowerShot, Samsung Galaxy, Lego Technic Porsche

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Contact & Questions

If you have any further questions.
Write a mail to

When is the deadline?

Sept 13th, 23:59 local time of the participant