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Agile Testing for SAP

As you transition to more iterative or Agile software release processes, ensure that your software testing approach doesn’t create project roadblocks—and that frequent changes don’t disrupt your core business processes.

Why Manual Testing Creates a Bottleneck in Agile Environments

Get analyst Paul Gerrard’s take on why manual testing falls short in Agile SAP environments.

Named as MQ Leader by Gartner in Software Test Automation 2018

Tricentis is recognized as an MQ Leader in software test automation 2018. See how SAP testing tools compare.

Accelerate Testing, Provide Fast Feedback, Assess the Impact

For years, ERP systems were considered slow and steady. Now, digital transformation initiatives require all systems to progress at the same rapid rate in order to meet a company’s business objectives. This means that SAP projects must shift to more rapid release cadences—and testing must evolve in order to keep pace. Software test automation is essential for ensuring that frequent incremental changes don’t break critical business processes which span across SAP and connected technologies (UIs, APIs, mobile, third-party applications, etc.). However, the manual testing approach of the past simply doesn’t work in this new context, and you can’t achieve the required speed and risk coverage by simply adding tools. A deep-seated process transformation is required.

Tricentis has a proven track record of transitioning SAP environments from old methods of software testing to Continuous Testing, which is ideal for Agile and DevOps. We help teams rapidly assess the impact of change so they can mitigate business risks without slowing innovation speed.


Test Automation Improvement


Improvement in Testing Speed


Improved Risk Coverage

“With Tricentis test automation, the precise number of hours saved depends on the workstream, but it’s more than 75% of the time saved for business system analysts and other functional leads. Now, we can run the entire regression test suite immaterial of where the change is, so the amount of coverage we get is close to 100%.”

Mamatha MitrHead of Strategy For Testing Center of Excellence – Dolby Laboratories

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Industry-Leading SAP Testing Capabilities

Tricentis Tosca provides the most advanced and comprehensive SAP test automation capabilities on the market

Tricentis SAP Solutions

The core functionality that has earned Tricentis “leader” recognition across all top 3 analysts ensures that your SAP test automation is fast, scalable, and resilient.


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