SAP Test Recording

Using the Tricentis test case recorder, business-readable scriptless test cases are captured in real time as the user exercises the application. This enables teams to take full advantage of test automation without additional effort.


Test automation without additional effort

Less than half of SAP customers leverage advanced test automation to mitigate risks associated with SAP upgrades, service packs, customizations, and enhancements. Why? With legacy/traditional test automation tools, “automated” tests still require a significant amount of user interaction—making manual testing an attractive option. Now, there’s no reason to continue manual testing.

Tricentis also offers additional test creation options, such as scanning the application. Recording provides fast capture of the specific controls that the user interacts with. Scanning extends beyond this, capturing all of the controls on each page and making them available as reusable test case “building blocks” that dramatically simplify test automation efforts throughout the team and organization.

Across all test creation methods, Tricentis Tosca is architected to enable sustainable test automation for rapidly evolving system. Model-based test automation relieves the “maintenance burden” that undermines most test automation initiatives. When business processes change, the model is updated once, and all impacted tests are automatically synchronized. Additionally, Tricentis’ test case design technology determines the most efficient set of test cases and test data for optimal risk coverage. This accelerates testing while providing unparalleled insight into whether a given update is ready to release.