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Case Study


BetterCloud Increases Collaboration and Traceability with Tricentis qTest

When your tools are used by millions of people worldwide, responsiveness and quality are a must.

After struggling with spreadsheets and expensive testing software, BetterCloud turned to qTest. “Our entire development team and all our testers are on qTest now,” says BetterCloud CTO, David Hardwick. “It gives us read-only mode when we’re sharing requirements, traceability on test cases, an easy way to import from spreadsheets, you name it. It was a great fit.”

Centralized Requirements

More than a mere tool, qTest has become central to their development process. Says Hardwick, “We love the requirements module. When we start development on a prototype, we use qTest to manage new and existing requirements. This allows us to keep testers and developers on the same page from the start.”

“We worked with more expensive tools. Then Tricentis showed us qTest. It was exactly what we needed.”

David Hardwick, Chief Technology Officer at BetterCloud

Testing in Tandem

Today, the company is collaborating like never before. “Everyone can now work on requirements and functional test plans in tandem instead of tacking testing on at the end. This keeps our velocity high,” says Hardwick. “Testers are writing the functional test plan at the same time that the developers are starting development, and then a half a step after that, the automated testers are writing their tests. It makes it easier to get the test plan right, and it’s all made possible thanks to qTest.”

What They Love About It

  • Read-only mode
  • Import from spreadsheets
  • High value, low price
  • Traceability on test cases
  • The requirements module
  • Integration with JIRA
  • Improved software quality by 25%

How They Use It

  • To develop a centralized and easy-to-use library of requirements
  • To keep developers and testers working in parallel
  • To create a closed loop of collaboration with JIRA
  • To improve traceability, maximize collaboration, and ultimately improve the quality of the end product

About BetterCloud

BetterCloud is a New York-based developer of cloud management and security tools. Their products provide critical insights, automated management, and intelligent data security for cloud office platforms. By leveraging open APIs, BetterCloud securely connects with data at its source, providing maximum control without requiring any cumbersome setup. The company offers solutions for both Google Apps and Office 365. They are trusted by over 30 million users and they work with more than 50,000 organizations in 133 countries worldwide.