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Global Technology Company

Global Technology Company Leaves QC to Achieve Innovation at Scale
Case Study

Global Technology Company Switches from Quality Center to Tricentis qTest to Stay Ahead of the Competition

When one global, Fortune 500 company in the technology industry faced pressure from a changing market, the QA team knew they would need to embrace an agile approach to software testing to stay ahead of the competition.

To support this transformation, the enterprise adopted Atlassian Jira for project and portfolio management. However, it soon found that this created a schism in its processes due to a poor integration with its legacy Micro Focus (formerly HP) ALM solution.

Gaining Innovation at Scale

One of the biggest challenges this company  faced was how to drive innovation while maintaining scalability across a global enterprise with approximately 1,400 resources in QA and development running large scale projects. In its search for a new solution that would work well with Jira to support an Agile, DevOps environment, the team found that while most newer QA solutions allowed for innovation, they could not provide the necessary scalability. On the flip side, they found that legacy QA providers could deliver on the scalability front but offered little in the way of innovation.

Then the enterprise found Tricentis, whose qTest solution allowed it to bridge the gap between innovation and scale. It did so by providing enterprise-level test management capabilities (including the ability to support millions of test artifacts and execution results) that integrated seamlessly with the new Atlassian tools. The enterprise also valued the fact that qTest created a high degree of visibility between its QA and development organizations.

Ensuring a Smooth Transition

Although the enterprise recognized the need to replace its legacy HP solution, it had several concerns about moving away from the existing setup. First, the team had years of planning and historical testing data in the HP solution, not to mention a high level of proficiency among users.

Second, the team runs a heavily automated testing environment based on a homegrown framework, and it wanted to ensure that any new solution would work with that framework.

Tricentis delivered on all fronts, helping build a custom utility to move projects from HP ALM to qTest. Furthermore, Tricentis’s robust APIs simplified the migration process and made it possible to integrate qTest with the enterprise’s homegrown framework, allowing users to easily see the results of automated tests.

When all was said and done, the Tricentis team helped the enterprise migrate approximately 25 large scale projects as well as test cases, test plans and historical execution data that resided in HP ALM.

“We couldn’t be happier or more amazed at the progress we’ve made over the course of this year.”

Creating Clearer Processes and Artifact Management

Since making the move to qTest, the enterprise has also benefited from clearer processes and artifact management. Specifically, the combination of Jira and qTest provides a clear system of record for all objects in the software development lifecycle while minimizing permissions, performance and data collision issues and reducing the overall licensing requirements and costs.

For example, instead of managing project planning, requirements, test planning, test executions and defects through both Jira and HP at every step, the team now has clear demarcations for which steps live in Jira (project planning, requirements and defects) and which steps live in qTest (test planning and test executions). Best of all, qTest’s best of breed Jira webhook integration provides a high degree of visibility and traceability between the two solutions to ensure that users have access to true, real-time information, even for the most complex project structures.

Finding a True Partner

Throughout the entire process, the enterprise made clear that it needed a true partner, not just a vendor that would sell it a solution and walk away. One of the most important requirements was to find a partner who could provide ongoing support to ensure a smooth integration with complex project structures inside of Jira.

Tricentis has exceeded the team’s expectations, leading daily standups during the migration process and weekly standups post-migration. This partner relationship has not only helped the team operate as effectively as possible, but it has also helped them become highly proficient qTest users in a short period of time.

As the enterprise team’s leadership put it: “We couldn’t be happier or more amazed at the progress we’ve made over the course of this year, given where we were and where we are now.”