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Case Study

Sky México

Sky México reduces SAP project consulting costs by 82%
Reduction in consulting costs
2 hrs
Total runtime with LiveCompare
Sky Mexico Case Study

“Using LiveCompare, it takes us two hours to run everything and make sure we are not in violation of any rule or policy”

Ricardo Calderon, Director of SAP
Sky México

How Sky Mexico reduces SAP project consulting costs by 82%


Sky México offers satellite television services and operates in Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. Grupo Televisa has majority ownership of the company, with AT&T being the minority owner. As of 2016, it had 7.3 million pay-TV subscribers.

Sky uses Tricentis LiveCompare software to reduce the costs and risks associated with many SAP application projects and changes. From deployments, migrations and testing, to auditing and monitoring. The SAP operation at Sky is considered an example of “Best Practices” in the SAP industry.



Server migration, system audits and​ integration of various tools.



LiveCompare, LiveModel and LiveInterface.


New server migration completed three months early and under budget. Consulting costs reduced by 82% for server migration project

Sky first used LiveCompare to migrate to the Oracle SuperCluster server. During this process, Sky went from a Stand Alone architecture to a High Availability architecture, upgrading to EhP6 and moving from a non-Unicode database to Unicode. For this upgrade project, Sky requested proposals from consulting companies.

“Consulting companies budgeted about 20 consultants for the migration project: 12 ABAP programmers and eight functional consultants,” explained Ricardo Calderon, Director of SAP at Sky. “The implementation of the project was estimated to last about five months.”

Instead Sky used LiveCompare and cut their project time down to just two months.

“One thing that makes LiveCompare unique is that it is very easy to use and fast to deploy”

Ricardo Calderon, Director of SAP
Sky México

The solution: LiveCompare, LiveModel, and LiveInterface

“With the help of Tricentis LiveCompare, we were able to estimate the scope of the project more accurately and without taking risks. We decided to do it ourselves with the help of LiveCompare, and we finished it all in two months, needing only five external consultants,” described Ricardo. “With these five consultants, we managed to execute the whole project because LiveCompare reduced the effort by telling us exactly where impacts would be. We reduced project consulting costs by 82%.”

LiveCompare enabled the Sky team to make accurate calculations regarding the resources that would be needed to execute the project. LiveCompare also told Sky what the impact of the change would be on their SAP systems. With this, the team was able to reduce the number of necessary tests, having the confidence that it would not be taking risks.

“LiveCompare tells us exactly where there will be impacts,” said Ricardo. “We can compare environments and determine the differences, which allow us to ensure that the circumstances in the test environment are the same as those in production.”

Ricardo Calderon,
Director of SAP

When talking about the information that LiveCompare gave them when scoping the project, Ricardo commented, “when we went from non-Unicode to Unicode, LiveCompare simplified our planning, allowing us to know how much labor we would need to execute the project. All non-Unicode objects and their impact were analyzed.”

“One thing that makes LiveCompare unique is that it is very easy to use and fast to deploy”, explained Ricardo. With a clear reduction in risk, and consultancy savings of 82%, it is clear that the acquisition of LiveCompare has brought tangible benefits to Sky’s team.

Keeping track of consultants’ work

LiveCompare is used by the team at Sky to monitor and evaluate the work done by their consultants. LiveCompare enables them to:

  • Validate that the ABAP code is developed to the highest standards. LiveCompare qualifies the programs through a workflow that categorizes them as “good”, “bad” and “ugly”. The objective code analysis is based on an industry-standard algorithm recommended by SAP that describes the best code development practices.
  • Check that they are using BAPIs for interfaces. LiveCompare allows the Sky team to automatically check interfaces built by consultants for compliance with corporate development standards before they are promoted from DEV.
  • Ensure that Call Transactions are not used. Making direct calls to transactions from ABAP programs has the potential to cause errors at the time of execution due to system configuration.
  • Ensure that configuration changes are consistently carried out between the customer landscape modules.

Integrating LiveCompare, LiveModel, LiveInterface, HPE Quality Center, and Rev-Trac

Tricentis tools are used across the complete SAP application lifecycle at Sky. All changes made to the system are analyzed to determine the areas of risk and ensure proper testing. LiveCompare connects to and integrates with LiveModel and LiveInterface, as well as with HPE Quality Center, and with Rev- Trac, to support complete change management and application testing activities. This integration allows processes to be performed more efficiently, avoiding errors, reducing the use of resources, and ensuring compliance with governance rules. Sky uses LiveInterface to populate the QA system with existing production data, to achieve a realistic and effective testing environment.

Tricentis LiveModel software makes it easy to discover, visualize and manage business processes automatically. Sky uses LiveModel to understand the impact of change on their business processes.

“With LiveModel, in addition to doing an impact analysis at the SAP object level, we obtain it at the process level,” explained Ricardo. “LiveModel identifies which processes will be impacted by the modification we are going to make. In turn, when integrated with HPE-QC, the tests are done in a more automated way”.

Run and optimize using Tricentis

Sky also uses LiveCompare to monitor key data. Business critical master data are stored in vaults – a unique LiveCompare system that supports time-based data comparisons. In the past, changes were made to important data and it was difficult to determine when and by whom. Now there is a LiveCompare app that checks the numbers within the vault every day. If it finds changes, it triggers a notification, telling Sky what the change is and who made it. A warning is sent by email to those responsible, and they are tasked with finding out if the change is legitimate.

“LiveModel identifies which processes will be impacted by the modification we are going to make. In turn, when integrated with HPE-QC, the tests are done in a more automated way.”

Ricardo Calderon,
Director of SAP

Audits made easy with LiveCompare

As part of the Televisa group, Sky is regularly subject to an internal auditing process. Routinely, the Televisa auditors inspect the systems to ensure that Sky complies with company policies and regulations. Using LiveCompare, Televisa auditors can assure that the organization is complying with the policies of the company. The systems team develops apps based on requirements, and once generated, these are run regularly by the auditors, ensuring a clean operation without constantly using IT resources.

Sky is able to reduce and often eliminate the number of incidents that come out of both internal and external audits thanks to LiveCompare. The audit apps use previous audit information to ensure that Sky is in compliance, making the team aware of any issues, and giving them the opportunity to fix problems before the official auditors can find them.

“Before using LiveCompare, it was impossible to know for sure if we were compliant,” explained Ricardo, “We had to download a lot of information from different tables and track it in Excel. This took a long time and wasn’t accurate. Using LiveCompare, it takes us two hours to run everything and make sure we are not in violation of any rule or policy,” described Ricardo.

“The biggest benefit for Sky is mitigating risk to the business. For example, when analyzing our segregation of duties, we can eliminate the potential of fraud: if we detect that someone has access to generating a purchase order and can also create a creditor, and can generate a payment, and execute the payment, we know that there is a problem,” explained Ricardo. “This prevents fraud among employees”.


  • Faster, safer SAP application change.
  • Reduced consulting costs.
  • Increased availability of internal resources.
  • Increased visibility and accountability of consulting work.
  • Increased productivity from tool integration.


Sky uses Tricentis software across their entire SAP application lifecycle. All changes to the system go through a smart impact analysis, ensuring thorough testing of most-at-risk areas, thus reducing risks and costs. From migrating servers to ensuring complete compliance, Sky continues to find value across the product range. LiveCompare allows Sky to keep track of the work done by their consultants, ensuring best practices and zero defects. Sky has integrated software tools LiveCompare, LiveModel, LiveInterface, HPE Quality Center and Rev-Trac to maximize efficiency while eliminating risks and reducing costs.

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