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Case Study

Government Agency

Streamlining API Testing by Replacing SoapUI with Tricentis Tosca
Case Study

Streamlining API Testing by Replacing SoapUI with Tricentis Tosca


An Austrian government agency’s electronic health record system simplifies the process of accessing health records for patients, doctors, and other health care professionals at hospitals, care facilities and pharmacies. Health data such as a patient’s test results are generated by a variety of health institutions. This agency connects all of them via APIs.

Ensuring that this system worked flawlessly initially seemed like a manageable task for the agency’s test management and software quality assurance team. However, as the agency’s system grew in scope and complexity, so did their testing. They initially opted for the SoapUI API testing tool, but eventually recognized that this tool has reached its performance limit and was costing them too much in terms of testing speed and labor costs.

  • A large team of people was required to build and maintain a single SoapUI test suite
  • Several different SoapUI projects were required to run a single SoapUI test suite across the required test environments
  • Test execution of a single SoapUI test suite took over a week since tests had to be executed sequentially
  • Risk coverage was difficult to measure
  • Test data management involved Excel sheets and manual database resets
  • Systems used myriad specialized message formats and protocols:  HL7, IHE (XDS, XCA, PIX V3, PDQ V3, PIF V3, ATNA, XUA), as well as WS-Trust, XACML, SAML2, TLS1.2, X.509, WAF (ModSecurity)…
The Tricentis Solution: Streamlined API Testing for Continuous Testing

Their head of test management and software quality assurance decided that a new API testing approach was critical for keeping pace with the increasing pace and scope of system development.

The team worked hand and hand with the Tricentis product team to establish an automated API testing approach perfectly suited for their needs.

First, they converted their fragmented SoapUI projects into an integrated Tricentis Tosca project with extreme reuse —dramatically improving maintenance, efficiency, and collaboration. With Tricentis’ risk-based testing capabilities, they eliminated the redundancies in their tests suites. This insight enabled them to further streamline their test suite. Moreover, after tackling their test data management pain with Tricentis TDM, test data provisioning was fully automated — enabling stable, accurate Continuous Testing as part of the CI/CD pipeline.

  • Test execution was reduced from 1 week to 7 hours (a 95% reduction)
  • Fewer testing resources required to create and maintain tests
  • The test suite size was reduced by over 50% while increasing risk coverage

“We tried several API testing tools, but Tricentis Tosca really stood out. It has the ideal balance of power and ease of use. Tricentis Tosca’s emphasis on reuse and maintainability was exactly what we were looking for.”

Head of test management and software quality assurance