Swiss Re

How Swiss Re accelerates time to market & improves efficiency with Tricentis Tosca

Company overview

Swiss Reinsurance Company Ltd, generally known as Swiss Re, is the world’s second-largest provider of reinsurance and other insurance-based forms of risk transfer. Founded in Zurich, Switzerland in 1863, Swiss Re operates today in more than 25 countries. Swiss Re’s entire organization is dependent on a large, complex application platform, and the company’s testing team is responsible for ensuring the quality of more than 250 applications.

Understanding that maintaining a high level of software quality inside of frequent updates to their application platform was mandatory, Swiss Re knew they needed to replace many of their manual testing efforts with a scalable test automation solution. Tester productivity was stifled under manual intervention that delayed the completion of their regression test suite, and constrained meeting continuous requests from the business for changes and new features.

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    Industry: Insurance
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    Organization size: 10,001+ employees
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    Location: Zurich
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  • Maintaining consistent levels of quality as release cycles accelerate
  • The need for testing to support a diverse range of technologies
  • Aligning testing with current business needs
  • Transparency around test results
  • Tester efficiency
  • Controlling costs

“Tricentis Tosca has helped tremendously when testing our application platform. We have increased our test coverage by 75% and decreased manual effort with every release. By using Tosca, we can execute test batches overnight, saving substantial time and money.”

— Ismail Celik, Head of Test Automation at Swiss Re

The Tricentis solution

By seamlessly integrating with a wide range of existing technologies and enabling fast adoption without the need for coding expertise, Swiss Re selected Tricentis to accelerate their test automation efforts. After eliminating the constraints and bottlenecks caused by their earlier manual testing processes, Swiss Re not only increased their efficiency and risk coverage, Tricentis began to provide substantial cost savings as well.

This was made possible by maximized reuse and maintainability through Tricentis Tosca’s innovative Test Case Design. Tricentis Tosca’s scriptless, model-based platform allowed Swiss Re to create 248 test automation scenarios that would cover what was previously done with 920 manual testing scenarios-and with no required programming or coding efforts.


  • 248 automation scenarios created to cover 920 manual scenarios
  • Extensive use of Test Case Design to cover various data combinations
  • Reusable libraries for easy extension of automation to new modules
  • Recovery scenarios implemented for overnight batch execution
  • Unique customization created to further reduce manual intervention
  • Regression tests running in multiple machines for faster execution