Tricentis Invests in Continuous Testing Innovation, Expands its Growing Product Portfolio

Company adds combined protocol and browser-based performance testing to Tricentis NeoLoad and introduces Tricentis Test Management for Jira and Tricentis Test Automation for Salesforce solutions

AUSTIN, TEXAS – October 18, 2022 – Tricentis, a global leader in enterprise continuous testing, today announced the launch of Tricentis NeoLoad 9.0, and new products Tricentis Test Management for Jira and Tricentis Test Automation for Salesforce. The solutions expand the company’s market leading capabilities in continuous performance testing, test management, and test automation aimed at improving application quality and delivery time for better business-critical outcomes.

“As IT investments and spending priorities are scrutinized even more during this challenging economic environment, software testing remains a business-critical activity for companies seeking to streamline and accelerate their business processes and deliver high quality digital experiences to better engage with their customers,” said Kevin Thompson, chairman and CEO, Tricentis. “We are committed to delivering continuous testing innovation that addresses the needs of our customers and are pleased to announce the launch of our new products—Tricentis Test Management for Jira and Tricentis Test Automation for Salesforce as well as the latest release of Tricentis NeoLoad 9.0. Much like our extended portfolio of products, these solutions support testers and provide them with powerful tools to accelerate testing of their systems and assess release readiness, significantly reducing overall costs to deliver software with confidence.”

Tricentis NeoLoad 9.0

Applications are the heart of today’s modern business and any slow performance or downtime experienced by end users could prove costly. The latest version of NeoLoad now includes RealBrowser, a major new capability that adds browser-based testing along with existing protocol coverage in a single solution. While demand on web apps is difficult to forecast, NeoLoad with RealBrowser enables easy to design and execute performance and scalability testing of modern, dynamic web applications to ensure client-side response time metrics meet SLAs while delivering exceptional experiences for end users. By having full visibility of back-end and front-end performance testing from a single solution, QA and development teams can deliver higher quality applications more quickly as user expectations for fast loading times continue to set the bar for better performance.

NeoLoad provides best-in-class performance testing capabilities to enable highly scalable business applications that simulates end user behavior under load for all types of performance testing scenarios, including APIs, microservices, client- and server-side technologies. It is the only product on the market that meets enterprise testing requirements and tests within both manual and automated approaches, with the fastest test design and test maintenance. In addition, NeoLoad 9.0 with RealBrowser is more resource efficient and cost effective compared to similar performance testing offerings.

NeoLoad 9.0 key features:

  • Browser-based testing – by reducing the technical expertise required to test dynamic custom web and cloud-native applications, users can leverage RealBrowser to easily scale their performance engineering practice into Agile and DevOps teams and cover more applications at an accelerated pace
  • Standard solution for browser and protocol testing – supports front-end and back-end testing with both browser- and protocol-based approaches from within the same solution and interface, reducing the learning curve and increasing the ability to deliver performance results
  • Efficient technology – RealBrowser is built on modern, efficient technology, consuming roughly 30% fewer memory and CPU resources than legacy browser-based testing tools
  • Ease of use – simple no-code/low-code approach with powerful record/play capabilities allows non-experts to quickly design performance scenarios, while still providing performance experts all capabilities and metrics they would expect from a flagship solution
  • CI/CD integration ability – rapidly create performance tests and provide meaningful performance test results back to the development team within hours of a build completion


During the beta for NeoLoad 9.0, a performance engineer at a major North American retail company said, “I was able to easily script a very complex application in a much faster time than if I had been using the native protocol approach.”

Tricentis Test Management for Jira

In today’s digital world, organizations are under pressure to release quality software faster using Agile and DevOps workflows. To do so, development, operations, and testing teams must collaborate better, with as little friction as possible.​ Test Management for Jira is an end-to-end test management solution that streamlines development and testing cycles  by helping the entire business quickly and easily manage testing from idea to production as one team inside the same tool–Jira. The solution delivers the performance, scalability, and intuitive UI teams need to collaborate in the same workflow so they can scale with speed and deliver releases with confidence, together.

Today, many teams use lightweight Jira plugins for test management, but most plugins struggle to scale. The plugins slow down the entire Jira instance, resulting in poor usability as test projects and objects multiply. Test Management for Jira closes the performance and scalability gaps presented by other Jira plugin test management solutions, and adds an intuitive, friendly UI to keep QA and developers collaborating closely throughout the software development cycle.

Test Management for Jira key features:

  • Test management within Jira – users can establish and maintain traceability between requirements from the development team and tests to validate requirements, and utilize built-in reports on defects, coverage, and velocity to determine release readiness
  • Performance and usability for multiple teams and projects at scale – the solution’s UI remains fast, responsive, easy to navigate, and keeps testers focused on their work as the overall number of test objects grows
  • An intuitive, friendly UI – onboarding time for users is fast with minimal need to refer to documentation or tutorials after initial user experience


“Tricentis Test Management for Jira has a great user interface, directly inside Jira, so QA teams can literally stay on the same page with development. The product makes it easy to get started, stay organized, and focus on testing,” said Amita Zutshi, test engineer, Revelation Software. “It’s a hands-on tool to get the capabilities of test management and execution delivered, at ease.”

Visit the Atlassian Marketplace to trial  Test Management for Jira for free.

Tricentis Test Automation for Salesforce

The use of low code has recently risen in popularity due in part to increasing pressure on IT to not only deliver value to businesses but also to their end users. According to Gartner Inc., the use of low-code and no-code technologies will nearly triple by 2025, up from less than 25% in 2020.

Test Automation for Salesforce is a comprehensive test automation solution that enables Salesforce admins, developers, and QA teams to test low-code applications built on Salesforce earlier and more frequently, resulting in faster releases, accelerated development, and expanded Salesforce testing coverage. Benefits include enhanced quality of releases and upgrades, improved accelerated development cadence, and increased ROI.

Automated Salesforce testing is critical for companies that have complex orgs, ambitious development plans, and Customer 360 goals. Salesforce can span all facets of a business, meaning its reliability is vital. Admins and developers often only test Salesforce when it breaks or when adding a new feature. This ad hoc approach to testing may leave Salesforce environments susceptible to the unforeseen challenges that arise from Salesforce’s frequent release cycles and upgrades. Manual, random testing can no longer keep up with the complexity of Salesforce.

Test Automation for Salesforce addresses this challenge head on by being easy to use. Test cases are created quickly through its innovative pre-built steps, which makes test case creation simple and fast, especially when compared to traditional script-based testing frameworks like Selenium. The problematic nature of building reliable test cases in the Salesforce Lightning environment is also resolved by automatically locking in dynamic elements to future-proof test cases. Salesforce professionals of all skill levels can contribute to building a test library that provides end-to-end coverage, alerting the business of bugs before it impacts essential processes.

Test Automation for Salesforce key features:

  • Context-aware, pre-built functions, and recorder – lowers the time to setup basic, reusable test components
  • No code, stable, language and release agnostic automation – lowers the time to identify Salesforce Lightning elements and makes complex components more suitable for automation
  • Profile-based testing – tests Salesforce functionality for each profile to ensure system quality and lower issues in production
  • DevOps ready – supports in-sprint automation using a no-code/low-code approach, along with version control, branching and merging to keep up with the speed of DevOps – even syncing branches with platforms like GitHub


During the beta for Test Automation for Salesforce, Rolando Francisco Jr., functional test specialist at Idea Science said, “It’s really easy to use, especially compared to other solutions. It’s remarkable.”

“IDC research sees dramatically increased velocity for software deployments as part of Digital Innovation and DevOps initiatives, demanding increased speed for continuous testing and software quality automation. And as the economy presses software development teams to do more with less, constrained testing processes and staff are at risk of slowing down and negatively impacting business-critical outcomes. Growing companies cannot afford for this to happen and must focus on automated software quality solutions that can enable them to remain fast, efficient, and agile despite economic volatility,” said Melinda Ballou, Research Director of Agile ALM, IDC. “The expansion of product portfolios like Tricentis can help to do that while reducing costs from manual approaches, enabling QA and dev teams to be more collaborative, deliver higher quality user experiences faster, and test earlier and more frequently. These capabilities can help companies deliver quality software more quickly to differentiate themselves now and moving forward.”

For more insight into NeoLoad, Test Management for Jira, and Test Automation for Salesforce and the latest agile testing and enterprise automation trends, join Tricentis as it kicks off its Tricentis 2022 Roadshow series across multiple cities and countries beginning this month. Register now to attend the October 20 livestream virtual event, “Digital Business: The fast and agile will thrive” from 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. CT or in-person in a city near you.

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