Solutions for Business Leaders

Automate Business Processes. Increase Efficiency.

Leverage the same capabilities and business-friendly interfaces that earned Tricentis a position as the industry leader in software test automation to automate repetitive business tasks, ensure data integrity and increase speed and accuracy.

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Enabling Business Leaders Today

Most organizations still rely on manual processes where employees manually manipulate data or perform repetitive IT tasks with low value add. Automate business processes with Tricentis RPA, and eliminate data integrity risks with Tricentis Tosca for business intelligence and data warehouse testing.


Increase Efficiency

Trigger RPA tasks on-demand or automatically, using a broad variety of possible trigger events. Monitor process status with messages detailing progress, execution state and outcome.


Ensure Data Integrity

Eliminate data integrity risk by automatically verifying data quality across all BI/DWH stages, from creation to integration, migration and reporting.


Reduce Business Risk

Reduce business risk by automating manual tasks related to document audit trails, manual calculations, data entry and other manual operations.

Automate Business Process Testing

Tricentis’ low-code/no-code approach to functional test automation drives unprecedented test automation rates across the IT architecture.

Improve Data Quality & Governance

Tricentis BI and Data Warehouse testing ensures data integrity faster, more rigorously, and more reliably than manual ETL testing and report verification.

Improve Packaged App Quality

Leverage the power of advanced test automation for over 150 technologies, from SAP to Salesforce to ServiceNow.

Achieve High Risk Coverage

Align testing activities with business priorities with AI-driven, risk-based testing. Rapidly reach 80% risk coverage with our proven risk-based approach.