Solutions for Chief Information Officers

Transform Software Delivery & Reduce Business Risk

Application development is increasingly interdependent with IT systems. The Tricentis continuous testing platform helps CIOs scale agile and DevOps methods across the IT architecture to accelerate application delivery, reduce risk and enable end-to-end business transformation.


Enabling CIOs Today

Today’s leading CIOs understand that software quality is critically linked to business success. Accelerate digital transformation with a comprehensive suite of software testing tools — from agile test management to automated continuous testing for enterprise architectures.


Accelerate Innovation

Legacy testing approaches are the primary bottleneck for delivering innovative software. Transform software testing across teams with automated business process testing and agile test management.


Improve Cost Efficiency

Eliminate the need for outsourced, manual testing with advanced test automation to both reduce overhead associated with traditional software testing and minimize production outages.


Reduce Business Risk

Make more informed release decisions with a clear picture of the business risks associated with each release candidate. Gain insights that help your teams rapidly deliver software without compromising the user experience.

Automate Business Process Testing

Tricentis’ low-code/no-code approach to functional test automation drives unprecedented test automation rates across the IT architecture.

Improve Packaged App Quality

Leverage the power of advanced test automation for over 150 technologies, from SAP to Salesforce to ServiceNow.

Achieve High Risk Coverage

Align testing activities with business priorities with AI-driven, risk-based testing. Rapidly reach 80% risk coverage with our proven risk-based approach.

Improve Data Quality & Governance

Tricentis BI and Data Warehouse testing ensures data integrity faster, more rigorously, and more reliably than manual ETL testing and report verification.
Continuous Testing for SAP

Modernize SAP business process testing with the most comprehensive automated testing solution for SAP technologies.

Replace Quality Center

Accelerate release cycles with modern test management and seamless integrations across the software delivery pipeline.

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