Quality Engineering Perspectives

An opinionated guide to the broad landscape of Quality Engineering topics.

What is QEP?

Quality Engineering Perspectives (or ‘QEP’ for short) is a body of knowledge that depicts established and emerging trends in the quality engineering landscape. It’s goal is to encourage industry awareness and maturity of software engineering practices to improve overall quality of apps and services. With contributor and readership pools including practitioners, management, and organizational leadership, QEP helps these audiences explore, learn, and engage together on a variety of topics related to software quality. 

Similar to the latin term Q.E.P. (‘quod erat demonstrandum’), the short ‘QEP’ acronym is a play on this common latin phrase with ‘perspective‘ at the end, ‘quod erat perspicere‘, because it is the intent of this body of knowledge to inspect, look through, and see clearly.

How QEP is Structured

Structure of Quality Engineering Practices

Patterns and Practices

Methodologies and context for where they fit in to Quality Engineering. From ‘Small, Frequent Batches’ to ‘Smart AI Locators’, ‘Contract-driven Testing’ to ‘Tests Versioned Alongside Code’, this category focuses on ‘how’ approaches and leaves the ‘what’ technology to other categories like ‘Tools and Platforms’.

Tools and Platforms

Technologies useful to consider when building up Quality Engineering capabilities in your teams and organization. Especially for those stuck behind lots of manual or toilsome process, this category is useful when looking for new solutions to reduce toil.

Frameworks and Models

Resources that help to fit underlying quality engineering technologies to your processes, teams, apps, and services. Frameworks, unlike ‘tools’ are often a layer between the logical business needs and the core technologies used to implement them. Similarly, ‘models’ covers both traditional and modern approaches to drive implementations from a core comprehension of business needs rather than all simply tactical details.

Dynamics and Culture

Topics beyond the ‘what’ and ‘how’ which impact your Quality Engineering practice. Quality Engineering frequently interacts with organizational and cultural dynamics since no two teams are the same and no two organizations are either. At the core of our decisions are always people-systems.

Featured Topics

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